Official posters have been a huge staple for marketing movies since the medium was first debuted, and their design has attracted great artists from all over the world — designers like Reynold Brown, Saul Bass, Drew Struzan and many more.

But as more and more films gain cult status, designers are embracing not only their favorite movies but television shows as well, in creative and original design work. Whether commissioned by alternative viewing locations like the Alamo Draft House, or just for the love of design and cult classics, these pieces are often produced in short numbers and sell out quick — for big bucks.

So, nerds of the world, unite! Over this collection of epically designed film posters by some of the best illustrators around, celebrating some of the cult-iest classics around. And don’t forget to click on the links underneath, for a specially selected scene of each the movies illustrated 🙂

Olly Moss


Star Wars and Lord of the Rings


Phantom City Creative


The Goonies and The Exorcist


Tom Whalen


Ghostbusters and The 5th Element


Laurent Durieux


King Kong and The Mummy


DKNG Studios


True Blood and The Walking Dead


Ken Taylor


Poltergeist and Star Trek: First Contact


Martin Ansin


Game of Thrones and Scott Pilgrim


Graham Erwin


A Nightmare on Elm Street and Arrested Development


Kevin Tong


Jurassic Park and The Transformers


Gary Pullin


Dawn of the Dead and Teen Wolf


Jason Edmiston


Star Wars and G.I. Joe


César Moreno


Breaking Bad and James Bond


JJ Harrison


Adventure Time and Samurai Jack


Tyler Stout


Blade Runner and Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan

Any favorite posters? Let us know in the comments!