Yellow is a color that can represent so many different things in logo design. Whether it’s electricity, sunshine, a whimsical atmosphere or simply the color of your mascot or product, yellow is an important color to understand as you embark upon the journey of finding a new logo. To make things easy, we’ve rounded up some awesome examples of logos that use the color yellow. These logos should give you some fresh ideas about how to use a bright and fun hue of yellow in your next logo design.

Logos for all things yellow

Cosmic Egg Cafe logo
by cucuque design

Sometimes the color choice for your logo is right under your nose. Take a moment to think if your business sells a product that’s yellow, is connected to something yellow or might be able to use the color yellow to give customers insight into your business. The examples above feature logos for companies that either sell yellow products (like eggs or beer), or use a process that involves something yellow (such as keeping bees). Do any of these ring a bell? How about cheese, lemons, bananas or sunny vacations? Make sure to consider if your company’s product relates to yellow before moving onto the following sections.

Yellow logos for alternative looks

Branding Hood logo
by Bakos Tamas

Statistically speaking, the most commonly used colors in logo design are blue, red and black. If you want to show your customers that you provide an alternative to the norm, don’t be afraid to show them a pop of yellow. In the examples above, the color yellow is used to give an alternative look to photography, communication, coffee and tanning companies. If you are looking to stand out from the crowd, use these examples as inspiration!

Tech and electricity logos

di.os logo
by Grifix

While electricity itself is not yellow, over time the color yellow has become a common choice for tech or electricity-related companies (and also traditionally a common choice in cartoons to represent lightning). For this reason, using the color yellow in your next tech company will instinctually inspire your customers to think about lightning, speed, electricity and power. If you are starting a tech or electricity based company, use the examples above for inspiration!

Yellow logos with whimsical concepts

In color psychology the color yellow stands for happiness and positivity, which makes it the perfect color choice for a brand looking for a fun, youthful or whimsical logo. We especially love the Dreamer Studios logo which features a glowing moon with a person sitting on the edge. The use of yellow in this example creates a light and friendly atmosphere and evokes feelings of warmth and inspiration. Are you looking to convey a fun, lighthearted mood with your logo? Try using yellow as your main logo color.

Classic or rustic yellow logos

Louise Boulangerie and Patisserie logo
by CBT

But yellow is not just for hip and modern brands. Yellow can remind us of sunshine, autumn leaves, sun flowers, wheat, sun-faded vintage objects or even western films. Logo designers are able to create moods and atmospheres using various bright or muted shades of yellow, which makes it a good choice for classic, natural or rustic brands. In the examples above we see the color yellow used to give a vintage and rustic look to, a company that makes classic hats, a vintage yellow school bus turned food truck and a restaurant specializing in natural and organic food. If your company is going for that natural, classic or faded-retro look, start with these examples for inspiration.

Let your logo shine bright like the sun

Now you should have a better idea of some of the many ways you can use the color yellow for your brand. From here, consider if yellow is the right choice for your next logo design and if so which category of yellow logos your business might fit into. When used in the right context, the color yellow can have your customers lining up out the door and into the sunshine!

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