Jan. 15, 2016 – Tasks and Ready-made Logo Store close

In order to focus on our core products (Design Contests and 1-to-1 Projects), 99designs has discontinued the Tasks service and Ready-made Logo Store. It was a tough decision, but after seeing the way our customers utilized the site (most decide to purchase a contest), we chose to bring our resources to bear on growth opportunities for our design community.

Nov. 10, 2015 – 99designs community contribute to the world’s first crowdsourced adult coloring book

Coloring books are no longer just for kids! They’re a great way for adult to get offline and boost creative energy. That’s why we were so excited when Brit + Co reached out to our community

Today, Pattern Play lands on shelves at Target and Brit + Co’s online shop!

Oct. 13, 2015 – 99designs wins top prize at Governor of Victoria Export Awards 2015

99designs was started in Melbourne, Victoria in 2008 by Mark Harbottle and Matt Mickiewicz. Every year, the Governor of Victoria recognizes businesses from the state that have achieved sustainable export growth through innovation and commitment. This year, 99designs took home the Business Services Award and the top prize: the 2015 Victorian Exporter of the Year Award.

April 29, 2015 – The 99designs community helps relief efforts in Nepal

After a devastating earthquake, 99designs has decided to support our Nepali community by donating $10,000 to The Global Women’s Project, directly aiding vulnerable women and their families.

Nov. 10, 2014 – Swiftly is now 99designs Tasks

We’ve renamed our real-time design service to fit in better with our 99designs brand. In the last 15 months, Swiftly has completed over 20,000 tasks, all done in less than an hour!

Sep 24, 2014 – A new milestone in payouts for our community

As of this month, 99designs has paid $80 million dollars to our designers! That’s exponentially more than even a few years ago. It’s not that surprising, considering our growth– we reach 196 countries in nine languages with our 850,000 designers.

Sep. 2, 2014 – 99designs celebrates 99,999 Facebook likes!

You like us! You really, really like us! Thanks for keeping the 99designs page going strong with all of your comments, likes and shares!

Aug. 4, 2014 – 99designs and Eventbrite team up to offer design support to event organizers

Today we’re launching integration that connects Eventbrite’s event organizers with our pool of talented graphic designers to help them make their event pages stand out through eye-catching banner designs.

The partnership is powered by Swiftly, a service of 99designs, and enables event organizers to quickly and easily create a killer banner design for the top of their Eventbrite event pages. Swiftly has hundreds of professional graphic designers online 24/7, ready to get started on the banner design right away.

May 22, 2014 – With your help, 99designs raised $10K for victims of flooding in the Balkans

A great many of our design community hail from Eastern Europe. In times of disaster, we want to come together and help our talented team. Which is why we matched our community and customers’ donations to the Red Cross for relief in the affected areas.

Nov. 7, 2013 – 99designs launches our Irish site

Today marks the official launch of 99designs.ie, which gives our customers in Ireland a more localized experience, including pricing in euors and local customer support.

Sep. 10, 2013 – 99designs celebrates 1 year in Europe and adds localized sites in Austria, Belgium and Switzerland


We’ve been growing a lot around the world this year. We’ve launched localized sites in Singapore, Mexico, Argentina, Colombia and Chile, bringing our worldwide community to over 250,000 designers!

Aug. 26, 2013 – 99designs acquires Brazilian design marketplace and launches 99designs.com.br

Today we’ve acquired LogoChef,a Brazilian graphic design marketplace, and launched 99designs.com.br, so our Brazilian customers and designers can interact in Portuguese, have local support, and make financial transactions, all within Brazil. We’re thrilled to be setting up shop there and adding a sixth language to our spectrum of sites.

Aug. 12, 2013 – Meet Swiftly, a new service to get graphic designs fixes in a flash

Swiftly is a new website and service we’ve created to help customers get small graphic design tasks completed in a snap, and it’s part of our ongoing effort to provide a full spectrum of design services to businesses worldwide.

Here’s how it works: customers simply hop on Swiftly.com, upload design files, indicate the modifications required, and pay a flat $15 fee. It takes just a few minutes. Then a member of the Swiftly designer community claims the task, completes it, and delivers it to the customer within a couple hours.

We’ve hand-selected the graphic designers performing tasks on Swiftly from the more than 240,000 members in our global designer community. This way we know they’re skilled, and we know designers will be available to handle work whenever customers need work done, 24-7.

Mar. 19, 2013 – Celebrating five years of 99designs

In both San Francisco and Melbourne, our teams gathered to eat a little, drink a little, and make a little bit of a big deal over the accomplishments of our community over the last 5 years.Check out this slideshow commemorating just a few of our many great designs over the years.

Mar. 16, 2013 – 99designs celebrates our 200,000th contest!

It’s only been two months since the 200,000th designer joined our community, and now we’ve hosted 200,00 contests!

Feb. 27, 2013 – 99designs teams up with Payoneer for more payout options

We’re glad to announce that 99designs has partnered with Payoneer to create new payout options for our designer community. You can now receive payments to your very own Payoneer Prepaid MasterCard®, or directly to your bank account in over 200 countries and 50 currencies.

Jan. 11, 2013 – The 99designs community reaches 200,000 designers!

We’ve hit a new milestone, with over 200,000 graphic designers on our site. They’re more active than ever, working with customers in 150 countries all over the world.

We’d like to send a huge thanks to our talented community for their dedication, hard work and support. We couldn’t do any of this without you. So cheers to all of our great designers and customers!

Aug. 6, 2012 – 99designs launches European headquarters in Berlin

Berlin-based 12designer the leading creative design marketplace in Germany, is now part of the 99designs family. The acquisition is an important step forward in our mission to deliver the best platform for graphic design services in the world.

The skilled 12designer team, the new staffers we plan to bring on board in Berlin, and the talented 12designer community of more than 22,000 creative design professionals, will help 99designs localize our services for our European customers and deliver more opportunity for all in the months ahead.

May 21, 2012 – 99designs wins first-ever Startup Pushup Charity Challenge

Showing that we have physical strength to back up our design prowess, 99designs won the Startup Pushup Charity Challenge. We faced off against four other great Bay Area startups (Udemy, Zaarly, HotelTonight and GitHub) in a relay-style competition to see which team can pump out 100 pushups the fastest – all to benefit five fantastic charities.

Of course, this wasn’t just about pride in our fitness. We raised thousands of dollars for the amazing charity, DonorsChoose.org, which connects donors with teachers who need classroom supplies.

But also, we looked totally sweet in our Crocodile Dundee outfits.

Oct. 11, 2011 – 99,999 contests and counting!

Like a comic book villain obsessed with the number 99, we’re celebrating the 99,999th contest at 99designs! That’s over a thousand times more contests than our url promised.

Our designers have earned over $25 million across those 99,999 designs. 1,000 new design contests are launched every week.

Apr. 28, 2011 – 99designs attracts major investor

Three years after its launch, 99designs is by far the biggest graphic design marketplace in the world. We host thousands of design projects and pay close to $1 million a month to designers.

In order to expand further, 99designs raised $35 million from Accel Partners, one of the most successful technology investors in the world. This allowed us to expand our reach more customers for our design community, as well as add features to improve the experience for both designers and customers.

Mar. 3, 2011 – All profits to benefit New Zealand earthquake relief

A devastating earthquake in Christchurch, New Zealand caused billions of dollars worth of damage. Thousands of people were injured and over 140 tragically lost their lives.

To help those affected by the deadly earthquake, we donated 100% of all profits on March 3 to the appeal.

Jun. 22, 2010 – Australia and 99designs win big at FullCodePress

Two of our team members, and a former team member, won the gold for Australia at the annual FullCodePress international website-in-a-day competition. While the Austrailian team, the Codaroos, were this year’s winners, the end result of this exercise is that three deserving non-profit organisations now each have an amazing website.

May 6, 2010 – 99designs wins the Webby for Best Web Service & Application

In a major upset, 99designs beat out Dropbox and Tumblr for the Best Web Service & Application award at the 14th Annual Webbys! In celebration, the entire team marched down the street, singing Queen’s We Are The Champions.

Feb. 16, 2010 – 99designs selected as a finalist in the 2010 SXSW Web Awards

The SXSW Web Awards uncover the best new websites and celebrates those who are building tomorrow’s online trends. We’re proud to be among those nominated.

Apr. 21, 2009 – Upfront payments and guaranteed prizes

99designs implemented a change we’ve been considering for a long time– from now on, all contests will be paid in full in advance by the customers. The purpose is to protect our designers. In order to protect customers, as well, we introduced a 100% money back guarantee. The best part is, our designers are so talented, the customer is almost always satisfied!

Feb. 27, 2009 – Over 4 million dollars awarded to designers

The 99designs community have earned over $4 million for their design work.

Nov. 5, 2008 – Towards prepaid contests

99designs has officially introduced prepaid contests, to ensure that our designers are paid for their work.

Oct. 22, 2008 – US headquarters open

99designs has put down stakes in San Francisco, just like any good tech startup should. The focus on the North American market opened up more opportunities for our designers.

Feb. 12, 2008 – 99designs.com launches!

Equity Media

The very first customer, Equity Media, launched a design competition that day, and found a great design soon after.

Feb. 10, 2008 – First steps

Everything, including the users’ information, from the old SitePoint website was transferred over, even as the team was still building the new site.

Jan 14, 2008 – 99designs is born

Out of the ashes of SitePoint Design Contests, 99designs was born. The 99designs team wanted to protect the rights of their artist and designers, who, under the old SitePoint system, were losing money.

They created a new business model, where the client would deposit their prize first. This reduces the risk on the designers’ part, secure in the knowledge that if their work was chosen, they would be paid.

Some core ideas for 99designs have been implemented from the beginning. In addition to the contest concept, we created a reputation system for both designers and customers, up-front credit collection, and our brand new design.