This is a big week in Asia for 99designs! Today we announced the launch of a localized site in Singapore at, enabling local currency transactions and customer support via a local telephone number. We’ve also embarked on an extensive two-week tour of our thriving designer communities in Indonesia and the Philippines. And to top it off, we’ve brought several regional customer support staff on board.

Jason Sew Hoy, 99designs’ Chief Operating Officer and Asia-Pacific General Manager, is in Singapore all week to celebrate the new site launch, meet with local customers and designers, and speak at several conferences. Yesterday he gave a dynamic talk at Crowdsourcing Week about the successes and challenges 99designs has experienced since our launch in 2008 – here he is, in action:

Thanks to for the Twitter pic!

Next up are talks at e27’s Echelon tech conference and Startup Grind Singapore. If you’re in Singapore, head to one of the events to say hello!

Meanwhile, 99designs Community Director Jason Aiken and a team of community liaison staffers are some 600 miles away in Indonesia to host a half-dozen meetups with graphic designers including 99designs’ first full-day National Conference for designers in Yogyakarta June 7. Next week they’ll head to the Philippines to meet with designers in Davao City and Manila. If these meetup photos they’ve dispatched along the way are any indication, they’re having a great time!


Were you able to attend any of Jason Sew Hoy’s talks in Singapore or our designer meetups in Indonesia? Share your thoughts in the comments below!