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Lil Diva LOGO Design

jkoste03 needed a new t-shirt design and created a contest on 99designs.

A winner was selected from 191 designs submitted by 61 freelance designers.


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Winner - Twebdesign
TWdesign quickly turned around new designs based on feedback and was very easy to work with. I was impressed by both her ability to come up with a novel design and the speed at which she was able to take vague ides and turn them into something visually appealing.
- RoastLog

How jkoste03 started their t-shirt journey

Company name

Lil Diva


Wanting to be an entrepreneur, I received my inspiration on November 6, 2008 when our twins (Ethan & GraceAnn) were born. The twins were born 11 weeks early and our son passed away two days later from complications. Our daughter survived despite being 2.5 lbs. and shows me anything in life is possible (six months later she weighs 13 pounds). Her little spunk has helped her even though at times the outlook wasn't so bright. I felt it was only appropriate this special little girl have her own Lil Diva clothing line. My hope is the business would be a success and produce an avenue for my wife and I to start our own foundation for helping find a cure for prematurity & kids with cancer. If I'm able to get the clothing line up this year I will be donating outfits to each premature child born in the local hospital NICU over the holiday season hoping to bring a little joy(as we have learned how tough it can be spending the holiday season in a hospital while your child fights for their life). My family and I have been so blessed with a beautiful daughter and a little angel watching over us, its only appropriate I try to brings smiles to others.

Tell us a bit about who you are and the people you reach

We are going to target hip parents who want casualwear for babies/infants/toddlers.


If i had to say what is pictured in my mind it would be something similar to the LA Ink logo design, a star in the background with Lil Diva on top, thinking of a bubble gum pink. I'm definately open to any creative ideas/designs as this is just a direction I really liked and something i felt would attract people when printed on clothing.

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