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MonkeyBear by BabyBaltimore

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How Pat Hurley started their t-shirt journey

Brand name



We are a small business inspired by our daughter. Our business is competing in the University of Baltimore Sales Lab competition in November. We are looking for a graphic representation of "the MonkeyBear" as the first graphic for our brand: BabyBaltimore to sell on baby clothing.

Tell us a bit about who you are and the people you reach

More than half of the student body works full time and/or has a family of their own. We are looking to attract students, parents, faculty, anyone with the desire to buy a gift for an infant/toddler. The first point of sale for our product will be in a kiosk in the atrium of the Merrick School of Business in Baltimore, Maryland USA.


We are looking for a graphic of our fictional character "the MonkeyBear." The MonkeyBear comes from a song we wrote for our daughter. It always makes her smile. In our fictional minds, the MonkeyBear does not have a gender. We would like the illustration of the MonkeyBear to include our brand name: BabyBaltimore. We envision BabyBaltimore to be a sort of "swirly, cursive" writing and wrap around the side of the graphic. The graphic is going to be screen printed onto a white/cream organic onesie. Please try to limit the colors used in the creation of this character as we are trying to keep costs down in its reproduction. We are thinking three colors at the most. Anything goes from there. We are very excited to see our daughter's song come to life. Thank you for sharing your creativity with us.

The style of the illustration should be less Hanna-Barbera and more Madeline, The Little Prince, Curious George-ish. We are looking for something slightly avant garde, somewhat classic, a little weird, and original. Please get far out if you feel it, we are from Baltimore.

Here are some selected lyrics from the song that contain imagery of the monkeybear:

I was climbing in a tree, and I seen something funky
It was looking right at me, was it a bear... or a monkey
I was walking in the jungle, let me tell you what I saw
It was big and furry, hanging in a tree, holding a banana in its paw..

(chorus):it was a monkey monkey bear claw
a monkey monkey bear claw

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