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Tonguebox T-Shirt

Measton needed a new t-shirt design and created a contest on 99designs.

A winner was selected from 9 designs submitted by 1 freelance designers.


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Winner - marbona
Amazing! All I can say!
- Irvsanchez74

How Measton started their t-shirt journey

Company name


I'm investigating setting up a website to sell vulgar and suggestive T-shirts and as a proof of concept I'm collating a set of 3 t-shirt designs which I'll use to test the market.

The business is aiming to produce fun, sometimes subtle, but most definitely rude t-shirts, although it will distinguish itself in the market by concentrating on quality concepts and designs, and the business will not attempt to compete against the cheap word-only t-shirts that are stocked by many of its competitors.

Tell us a bit about who you are and the people you reach

The business will mostly target young (16-24) males, although it's expected some designs will also appeal to older males (25-40) and to women.


The requirement is for a T-shirt design that contains an advert for a fictional 50s American product, Tonguebox.

Tonguebox is a spoof product that is, in essence, a cardboard box with a slit in one of its sides and allows a man to climb into the box and then give oral pleasure to a woman.

The concept is fairly well formed but it's not set in stone, so if something doesn't work and can be improved through the design then that would be much appreciated.


Tonguebox advertises itself as "The revolutionary personal massager" and claims a price of "Only $10" and the advert should contain an image of a 50s American housewife standing happily next to her tonguebox.

Depending on the design, either the reverse side of the t-shirt, or an area below the advert, should contain assembly instructions for a Tonguebox:

"Assembly Instructions:
1) Unfold box.
2) Place husband in box.
3) Pull husband's tongue through slot.
4) Close box and tape shut."

If the assembly instructions are designed for the reverse side of the t-shirt then they might contain little images or icons depicting each instruction.

Since Tonguebox is intended as a spoof 50s product the design should suitably represent the era. While this could take various forms, one options would be for it to be styled a la Duck 'n' Cover. (

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