Who’s the Next Martha Stewart? 99designs’ Designer Community Ranks Newest Female Celeb Lifestyle Brands

30 Jun 2015

Jessica Alba’s Honest Co. Tops in Logo Design, Reese Witherspoon’s Draper James Rated Best Website

SAN FRANCISCO – June 30, 2015 – Between Gwyneth Paltrow’s Goop, Blake Lively’s Preserve and Jessica Alba’s Honest Co., the race to become the next Martha Stewart – i.e., a mega-watt celebrity lifestyle brand – has never been more fierce. What’s more, recently actress Reese Witherspoon threw her hat in the ring with a new apparel and online lifestyle brand called Draper James.

All of these gorgeous Hollywood A-listers bring star power and arguably cool products to the table with these business ventures. But we at 99designs wondered, who has the strongest brand based purely on the design quality of logo and website alone? We polled our global community of 99designs designers for a professional assessment and it looks like Jessica and Reese may have an edge over Gwyneth and Blake – at least in the design department. Here are the results of our poll:

Best Logo: Honest Co. (Jessica Alba)

Worst Logo: Draper James (Reese Witherspoon)

Best Website: Draper James

Worst Website: Preserve

99designs’ designers applauded the Honest Co. logo for its simplicity and color, with comments ranging from “nice color, symmetry of elements … it’s simple and effective,” to “It’s bright, fun, but at the same time the weight and styling gives it a sense of dependability and strength, which reflects the values of the brand.”

On the other hand, lowest ranked logo Draper James was dinged for being “too busy” using “an ugly font” and for what one designer called bad typography that “looks too amateurish” and a “hard to decipher icon.” As one designer noted, “[the logo is] ‘old school,’ and not in a good way.”

When it comes to websites, however, designers gave Draper James high marks for its “modern” and “elegant,” “fresh and wholesome” and “clean, colorful and user-friendly” design.

“Celebrity lifestyle companies – especially those attached to such huge Hollywood stars as these – already have a head start when it comes to brand recognition and awareness,” said 99designs Chief Marketing Officer Pamela Webber. “But that doesn’t mean they all have equally strong brand identity and design, at least according to our experts. It’s fun to see what our community has to say and we hope to weigh in on other household name startups like this in the future.”

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