Money back in your pocket

We hear you: sometimes a 10% fee can feel like a lot. We want to make it easier!
Your work on 99designs should be fun, profitable and sustainable. That’s why we’re inviting key members of our design community to participate in our exclusive savings program.

Here's the deal

From May 1st to July 31st we will give fee rebates to designers who hit targeted earning milestones (1-to-1 Projects only). You do the work and cash money comes right back atcha.

Ready to kick some direct work booty?

Lay the groundwork

99designs' 1-to-1 projects platform helps you run your freelance business. From connecting you with clients to managing payments, our team is on your side. 

Here's what you can do to amplify your direct work efforts:

  • Bring your offsite clients onto 99designs.
  • Invite clients from past projects to new work.
  • Keep all work on platform.
  • Upsell your work.

Set yourself up to succeed

Whether you're new to the space or a seasoned vet, our freelancer toolkit has you covered with handy guides to help you do your best work.

Terms & conditions

  • Registration is closed May 1, 2018 at 12am PST when the program begins. We will contact you to in advance to confirm your participation. 
  • This is an invite-only promotion. By opting in, you agree not to distribute or discuss it with anyone apart from 99designs staff.
  • Additionally, you agree to allow 99designs to contact you for interview and research purposes regarding the program. 
  • Eligible earnings include any invoices released between May 1 - July 31, 2018 PST.
  • 99designs’ project fee does not apply towards total eligible earnings. 
  • Savings will be deposited to your 99designs account by August 30, 2018 PST.
  • For any questions, contact support for assistance.